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New Hampshire Toyota Dealer welcomes 2012 Tacoma to inventory

Your New Hampshire Toyota dealer, Berlin City Toyota, is proud to announce that we now have the all-new 2012 Tacoma in stock and ready for you to drive home today.

In the United States, the best selling compact pickup truck for years has been the Toyota Tacoma.  In 2010, the "indestructible" pickup sold more than 106,000 which was more than its closest competitor by nearly two-to-one.  For the 2012 model year, as North American…
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New Hampshire Used Car Dealer talks about why to buy a used car

Most of us have felt some impact at the challenging economic times recently. But we still need to eat, send our kids to school with clothes and supplies and replace the necessities. Consumers have needed to be more aware than ever and look at the cost implications of something routine like a grocery visit to bigger purchases such as buying a car. If you are looking for a Used Car in NH research your dealership?
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New Hampshire Ford dealer is excited about partnership with Toyota

Ford and Toyota just announced they're going to collaborate on development of a new hybrid system for pickup trucks and SUVs.

The challenge: Try to bring fuel-saving hybrid systems to rear-wheel drive trucks, not an easy task considering customers' demands for payload, towing capacity and durability.

The Ford Toyota partnership brings together Toyota's expertise in hybrid systems and Ford's leading position in trucks. The F-Series is the nation's best-selling vehicle of…
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New Hampshire Toyota Service Department has Great Specials for three more weeks

Berlin City Toyota, one of your local New Hampshire Toyota dealers, has always taken the time to make sure everyone that walks through our door is fully taken care of when they walk out! 

Our team is very knowledgeable on all aspects of Toyota maintenance and repair.  So if you are looking for Gorham Toyota repair, Berlin City Toyota is your place.

In an effort to help you put some money back into your wallets…
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New Hampshire Toyota dealer anxious to see the Prius C

Berlin City Toyota, your NH Toyota dealer, is excited to showcase the new Prius C

During the 2011 Detroit Auto Show, Toyota unveiled two all new Toyota Prius cars. An example may be referred to as the Toyota Prius C. The opposite is named the Toyota Prius V.

At the moment, both are concept cars. These are generally prototype vehicles designed to showcase new technologies and new styling. In accordance with a news release from?
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Berlin City Toyota is proud to be part of such a generous manufacturer

Berlin City Toyota, your NH Toyota dealer is happy to announce that on April 7, 2011 The National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL) - the organization that pioneered the concept of raising the literacy level of parents and children simultaneously - celebrated 20 years of partnership with Toyota today that has impacted 1 million families across the country.


NCFL's partnership with Toyota began in 1991 with an approach that focused on improving the education of preschool…
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Gorham NH Toyota dealer highlights features of the Prius plug-in

Berlin City Toyota, your premier NH Toyota dealership, has always cared very much about our environment.  So we are very happy and excited to share this news with you regarding the release of the Toyota Prius plug-in.

The Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid is the 911 GT3 of the hybrid world: a more potent, focused, plug-in Prius, for the hardcore who want to sharpen their hybrid's performance. Not by cutting the 0-62mph sprint, obviously, but…
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NH Auto Repair center shares tips to extend the life of your car

Berlin City Toyota, one of your NH auto repair centers, would like to share a few tips on how you make your car, truck or SUV run better and last longer.

You must prepare for potential vehicular problems, and not only keep a good Car Emergency Kit; you must practice preventative maintenance on your vehicle to prolong the life of it.

It's important to follow your vehicle's specific maintenance schedule. The following information?
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Gorham Auto Repair center shares pre-road trip maintenance tips

Berlin City Toyota, one of the most knowledgeable dealerships specializing in car repair Berlin has to offer, has always cared very much about the safety of our customers.  With the summer closing in, I am sure that everyone is planning on at least one family road trip.

A long trip is a serious exam for your car. Even a small problem such as a worn windshield wiper, out-of-balance tire or improper wheel alignment can cause?
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Gorham dealer highlights benefits of buying Toyota Certified

If you are looking for a Toyota Certified Preowned vehicle in Gorham, Berlin City Toyota is your premier location. 

We know that the idea of buying a Toyota used car is attractive to you. After all, getting a high-quality, low-mileage Toyota at a great price is a smart move.

But we also understand your concerns on buying a car that has been driven by someone else prior to you owning it.  So to give you?
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